The Holocaust

The Holocaust

Foreign rights to the new, unique book The Holocaust

This exceptional book is available for publication in your country (including USA, UK, Israel and more) 

Professionally translated into English, it can also be translated into your own language. 

Typesetting already prepared, but you can opt for your own typesetting if your prefer.


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A new, comprehensive and remarkable account of the Nazi persecution and murder of European Jews between 1933 and 1945.

Written by an acclaimed award-winning author.

Two editions already published in Czech, each one a non-fiction bestseller. 


Contact details of the holder of the foreign rights to the book:

© Frantisek Emmert

Office: Srbska 53, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 604 548 413



Feel free to contact us. Additional excerpts available on request. We can send you the entire typeset book in case of serious interest.


Containing up to 200 high-quality photographs and facsimiles of key historical documents. Plus high-quality graphic design.

A clear and comprehensive overview of the topic, written with a high level of expert knowledge.    

With plenty of eye-witness testimonies, charts, maps, explanatory notes, interesting facts and quotations. 


Recommended price of the Czech edition (in the format provided): 15 Euro.

176 pp, format 255x210 mm – can be changed.